LO Templates

There are 6 LO templates in LOD (the LO Database aka the LO Repository)

The templates are referred to as 1 (the Classic Editor LO Template), 2 (the Simple 1-Segment HTML LO Template aka the (Hyper) TXT Template), 3 (the (3-segment) TXT-PIC-TEXT (LO) Template), 4 (the (3-segment) TXT-TXT-TXT (LO) Template), 5 (the (2-segment) TXT-PIC (LO) Template), and 6 (the (3-segment) TXT-PIC-PIC(LO) Template). The content of LO templates from 2 to 6 is automatically centred and its font size is adjusted algorithmically.

(1) The Classic Editor Template

(2) The TXT Template

(3) The TXT-PIC-TXT Template

(4) The TXT-TXT-TXT Template

(5) The TXT-PIC Template

(6) The TXT-PIC-PIC Template

Every LO developer has a place below each LO for admin-access notes (comments). This helps LO Developers remember how to create more advanced types of slides (aka LO) and facilitates peer teaching – when you clone /copy a shared LO for personal use as a LO developer, you get to see the comments made by the creator of the original LO. The LO tag functionality is still under development as of January 2021. Its perceived (future) purpose is that of a LO search tool.