The Dashboard

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The middle part of the Dashboard is reserved for today’s sessions, the segment on the left is for the last 10 sessions, and the one on the right is for the next 10 sessions. If no sessions have been scheduled or attended yet, the message(s) on the Dashboard will be “no sessions found”.


If a session you have created is in progress, you can see the enter button to the right of its description in the middle of the Dashboard.

The ENTER Button

Both you and your students (or your live web-based event attendees) can leave and re-enter the session as often as you wish while the session in question is still in progress. For practical reasons, the ENTER button appears on the Dashboard 15 minutes before the session is set to start and disappears 15 minutes after the session is set to finish.

You can EDIT, CANCEL/UNCANCEL and COPY sessions at any time using the respective buttons on the Dashboard.

The Summary Button

The green-coloured summary button appears to the right of the ENTER button on the Dashboard the very moment the session in set to finish. This means that for the next 15 minutes both the ENTER button and the Summary button are active. Clicking on the Summary button will take the user to the session summary, which normally contains all the LO (learning objects) used during the session, the session notes, and/or the homework (if the teacher set some)


Once the session is really over, the ENTER button disappears from the Dashboard completely, and the session participants can no longer access the session-in-progress view. The tutor can, however, re-activate the session by resetting the time the session must finish. To get to the time and date settings of the session, the tutor clicks on the EDIT button, which is to the left of the green-coloured Summary button.