The LO Database

LOD is short for the Learning Object Database. This is the place where tutors and LO developers create and edit slides to be shown on the virtual board during live teaching sessions. LO is short for Learning Object(s). This is the formal term for slides which can feature text, images, an audio or video player or players, various kinds of other (mostly embedded) content (eg pdf files, interactive quizzes), and more.

LO are categorized by content type, media type, and status (shared, hidded, binned). There are numerous LO directories with categories (and subcategories) for tutors to draw their inspiration and session content from.


To create a new LO, you can either clone (copy) an existing LO or create a new LO from scratch by clicking on the “add a new LO button”

The “add a new LO” button is on the bottom right of this screenshot. The good news is that there are over 5,500 shared LO for you to clone and edit to your liking in the ELN Classrooms as of January, 2021. You can also use those shared LO to create and teach your first live sessions in the system.


To see the short names of all directories at once, click on “more filters” on the top right – and you will see them all.

To hide the list of directories, click on “hide filters” on the top right.

To see the full names of all the directories, use the hidden menu (it is behind the three vertical dots next to the round avatar in the top right-hand corner) – click on “show LO directory names”.

To hide the full directory names, use the same menu and click on “hide LO directory names”