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This part of the ELN LMS 2.0 is visible at all times, but you may need to scroll down or resize the page to see it.

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The Student Menu

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The Student Menu contains links to the ELN Google Schedule (which shows tutors’ availability), the ELN Writing Module, a large Google spreadsheet (table) with official IELTS writing tasks, the ELN Diagnostic Grammar Test in the ELN Gym, free online English quizzes (, and the IPA typewriter.

The LO Developer Menu

The Teacher Menu

The LO developer Menu features links to Freepik, Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash, which are large databases of free stock photos and images. Use them to find visuals for your LO. The Teacher Menu features links to language corpora (COCA, TIME, BNC), a table which explains the correlation between language levels and the number of Guided Learning Hours (GLH), the CAE exam specification (CAE), Cambridge Level Tests (CTYE), and official IELTS band descriptors (SPBD – speaking, WT1D – writing task 1, WT2D – writing task 2).